Choosing The Right Motivational Speaker

Motivational-Speakers Have you ever imagined how a leader convinces his army to throw themselves in battlefields? We have seen it in several movies: a leader delivers a speech in front of his warriors then minutes later, soldiers storm the battle ground and win the war. Have you also imagined why different religious groups continue to lure thousands of followers when in fact they just have a common aim – to worship and express their faith?

The answer is because of powerful speeches, and though it may just seem a simple fusion of words, the effect is so infinitely influential.

These are prominent examples why inspiring words are important. Not only because it is through words that we express our emotions, but also because the words that we utter have the ability of influencing others.

As years go by, we have seen the colossal potential of motivational speeches. In this world where everything seemed to be monotonous, it is indeed important to hear something inspirational. Our society is primarily composed of employees and students. With the help of motivational speakers, each component of the community will be more productive, allowing people to live their lives to the fullest.

Companies and organizations nowadays, whether it could be private or government institution, hire motivational speakers because they have realized the significance it contributes not only to their employees, but to the organization as well. Now comes the challenging task of choosing the best motivational speaker. Of course, you wouldn’t want to waste money on some cheap and sleazy speaker.

There are several things to consider when choosing a motivational speaker:
1. Inspiring

The goal is to motivate; therefore, the speaker must be inspiring. A little research on the internet will somehow ease the burden of doing background check on the prospected speaker. Testimonials that you can read in web forums or from the website of the speaker are good sources of relevant and reliable information. You can also access our site,

Our website is so comprehensive that anything you need to know about our speaker is posted there. It contains facts about Garrison Wynn, a world-renowned motivational speaker who was hired by several multibillion-dollar manufacturers and national associations because of his ability to educate and motivate people.

Posted also at our site,, are testimonials from our clients and video clips from talks. There are also downloadable session notes. These will help you dig out some facts and other important details that may answer your question regarding how inspirational and effective our speaker is. After all, the success of the talk will primarily depend on the personality of the speaker.

2. Entertainment versus the Message

We at have also created our own list of choosing the perfect speaker. According to the website, one of the most important things to consider is the ‘blending of the entertainment value and the message’ of the talk.

Motivational-SpeakerIt has proven before that in order for the talk to be effective, speakers must incorporate entertainment to lighten up the mood of the audience. The message, most of the times, becomes more effective if some points will be delivered or presented in an entertaining manner because it captivates the attention of the audience.

“Entertainment” does not only mean “humor”. Since the goal of entertainment in motivational speeches is to stir the emotions of the audience, ‘entertainment’ may also refer to ‘drama’ tactics.

We at believe that it is important to discuss with the Speaker the possible options for the blending of entertainment in the talks. It could be 70 percent entertainment and 30 percent for the traditional persuasive speech, or vice versa. Whatever it is that you are considering, professional speakers can modify their talks to fit the needs or requests of their clients.

3. Others

Aside from the two mentioned above, you should also consider other factors including the corresponding fees of the speaker, his/her professional affiliations, and accolades that he received, indicating his ‘level of commitment’ to the profession.

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